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Our Proven Method to Generating Consistent Real Estate Clients Using Video Marketing

In This Course, You Will Learn...

  • How The Inbound Agent Video Marketing Method can bring you 3+ more clients a month
  • Phycological hacks to get over your fear of being on camera
  • The time saving strategies our students use to consistently produce content 
  • How to stand out from your competition, magnetically attract leads & referrals, and become the go-to agent in your community! 

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"This was the push I needed to finally start taking my video marketing seriously. Philip and Evan were so helpful in giving me the confidence I needed to start putting myself out there on social media. Thank you!"

- Tess L, Realtor®

"I knew I had to start using video more but I didn’t know where to start. It has been a game changer. Within the first month of following The Inbound Agent system I already had 2 leads from people watching my Youtube videos! I highly recommend Evan and Philip."

- Ryan T, Realtor®

"Youtube has become our main source of leads. The program these guys put together is very straightforward and easy to follow. I didn’t know the slightest bit about creating videos, now my team and I are posting one video a week on Youtube and multiple on Facebook and Instagram!"

- Shauna C, Broker

Whether you are a brand new agent or a seasoned veteran, we guarantee you will learn something new that you can implement into your business today.


Stop cold calling, door knocking, and chasing leads.


Start receiving "come list me" phone calls from your ideal clients.


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Stop putting off video marketing and start attracting new clients today!

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